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We seek to forge a new awareness in right human relationships. To create an expanded ideal of the political, social and economic ideals across cultures.

Thr Three Temptations represents the three lower bodies of Humanity and the choices we made. The understanding the God is thought. Thought is innocent. Innocence os all there is corrects the mental error we made and redeems he Human mind from guilt.  

The Book of John Chapter Eight represents a complete explanation of Jesus’ teaching on innocence and that our Creator is a Thinker of thought and that we are that thought that is to think the thought out Creator thought.

The Sermon on the Mount  represents the evolution of consciousness of the evolving mind, the Son of Man, from the poor in spirit, of the Son that has tried everything and everything we have tried has failed, to a Child of God or the Thinker that thinks the thought our Creator thought. This is the Son of God.

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