The Two Great Commandments - Part 1

The Two Great Commandments – Part 1


In the book of Matthew it states, “Master which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, thou shalt love thy God with all thy heart, all thy soul and all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Of these two hang all the laws and the prophets.” (Matt. 22:36-40).

Jesus is recognized as the greatest teacher in recorded history on what is commonly referred to as the Love of God. According to most Christian teachings, Jesus represents the Lamb of God, the Innocence of God, the Love of God. However, for reasons I will explain later, the common teaching of Christianity does not follow this teaching to its conclusion. The guilt of the human mind has projected itself into Christianity and the interpretation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has followed this belief accordingly. As stated before, innocence is the effect or expression of the mind that no longer judges anything or anyone guilty and love is the effect or expression of the mind in a state of innocence. The heart, the mind and soul are the levels of awareness within the evolving consciousness of the human being. These three bodies are the emotional, mental, and Soul awareness within an individual. They represent all of creation or all that the human mind is currently capable of being aware of. There is also a physical body, but as you will learn that body is purely an effect of the other three. The Gospel of Jesus is simple, but profound. LIFE IS INNOCENT. To follow this Path is to confront the Human mind’s question to all that it perceives.

The Human mind is always asking, “What is it? Right or wrong?” The first question implies there is something other than God, and something other than our self. If we are a thought in the Mind of our Creator, this is impossible. Do you see why this understanding of our relationship to our Creator is the foundation of Christ’s teaching? To the human mind all is separate and outside of its existence. This is not possible. It is impossible to have a thought, believed, that is not in your mind. Therefore, the thoughts we have of another are in our mind. The second question implies that there is a good or a bad. This is not possible. There is only our Creator’s creation. The question also implies there is something in the world that is a threat to our existence or life. That one can die. This is not possible for two reasons. The first is what we said before. There is nothing but a thought in our mind threatening our existence. The second is Life is Life. Nothing that comes from Life can die. Only that which comes from death can die. However, death is not possible. How could death have ever been born? It couldn’t. It does not exist. The idea that life includes death is irrational. This irrational thought represents the underlying belief of all human beings. Our mind believes that which is impossible, if not insane.

As difficult as this may be to believe at this time, please try not to turn your mind away from it. If you need to stop and ponder, please do so, but come back. For what we seek is just beyond this belief. This impossible belief in the Human mind exists because it believes it is separate from Life, its Source, its Creator. Again, this is not possible. We are a thought in the mind of God. We cannot separate from the mind that is thinking us. Jesus’ answer, the Christ’s answer, the answer is the answer our Creator decided long ago and is beyond our discretion.

To the question, “What is it?” The answer is that it is God, it is God’s creation, it is a Son of God, which having identified with its thoughts, feelings, and physical body is referred to as the Son of Man. It is an evolving consciousness which we share a common equality and destiny. That we are innocent and must judge each other not guilty. The answer to the second question, “Is it right or wrong?” the answer is it is neither. It is innocent. There is nothing but God and it is innocent. This is the meaning of LIFE IS INNOCENT. Again, this is the decision our Creator decided long ago. Who do we really think we are that we can change or undo what our Creator has done?

Everything we are seeing is a thought in our mind that we believed BEFORE we saw it in the world. To recognize this and choose to heal it is to accept the mental responsibility to live according to THE LAW. Because we did not create the Law of Creation, we cannot change or escape it. To do so is the cause of all our so-called suffering. We are the source of everything that is inconsistent with the Innocence of God. This belief that there is something other than innocence must be healed or redeemed by us through Christ, which is our application of THE LAW. We must choose to no longer believe this belief. Christ will do the rest. This is how we begin our journey on the Way to Innocence. In the name of the Christ, we forgive everything we see that is inconsistent with innocence.


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