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We seek to create a new understanding for right human relations. To forge an expanded awareness of our relationship to each other and to rebuild a political, social, and economic understanding across cultures.

The Lamb of God
Thought of the day

Innocence is without guilt. A mind in the State of innocence is a mind that no longer judges guilty. A mind that no longer judges guilty is a mind that understood and applied THE LAW, “As you judge, so are you judged.”  Love is the expression of a mind in the state of innocence. We may not know what innocence is, but we know what it is not and it is not guilty. 


If we are an evolving consciousness, and

If we have identified with guilt, and

If our identification with guilt is the cause of our suffering, and

If this identification is in error, and

If we live within a Law that is not of our own making and that we cannot escape: What we think, believing, we experience as real, then

The only way to free ourselves from the identification with guilt and its cause for our suffering is to stop believing in guilt.

How are journey begins?

One thought at a time until our last judgment of guilt

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